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The School Day

8am Breakfast Club

8:50am School day starts


KS1 and KS2

8:50am - 11:15am             English, Maths and Phonics/Spelling

11:15am                            Playtime

11:30am - 12pm               Guided Reading

12pm                                 Lunchtime

12:45pm - 2:45pm            Topic work / PE

2:45pm                              Assembly

3pm                                   Home time 


8:50am - 11:50am             Morning session

11:50am                            Lunchtime

12:45pm - 3pm                 Afternoon Session

3pm                                   Home time


8:50 - 11:50                       Morning session 

12:30 - 3:30                       Afternoon session

School starts promptly at 8:50am

Parents and carers must contact school on the day of the absence. This can be done by a phone call to school (01482 351013) or a verbal message.

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