Parents' and carers' page
Life can be tough and at times issues such as the global pandemic and rising costs of living can make it seem really hard.  It is important to remember that you are never alone and that help is always nearby.  Whether you are struggling with parenting, budgeting or your mental health the links on this page will offer support to those of you who may be finding life difficult.  Please remember that we are always here to support you and that if you need to chat about coping with the stress of day to day life or any other family issue you can call Julie Craven who will be happy to help.

Budgeting and finances

The cost of living is going up and this can leave many families struggilng to make ends meet and potentially making choices between food and heating.  If you are in difficulty or have issues with debt the links below will be able to help.

Parenting support

Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world but it is far from the easiest.  If you need support with behaviour management, setting routines or any other parenting issue click on the links below.  

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Mental Health and Well-being

If you are struggling to cope there is a lot of help out there click on the images below for support.  Don't wait - the sooner you get support the sooner you will begin to feel better. 

If you or someone you know is in crisis click here for crisis support.

E Safety

Right now children are spending a lot more time than usual online, and it is more important than ever to ensure that they are surfing the internet safely.  Click on the images below for advice on keeping your child safe from grooming, radicalisation and cyber-bullying.

Useful websites

Click here for domestic abuse support.

Click here for mindfulness for all the family. 

Click here for more e-safety advice.

Please remember that whatever the problem, big or small we are always here to help.  You can pop into the office or call Julie Craven on 01482 351013.

Click here for support with alcohol and drug use.

Click here to find out how to get support from your local foodbank.

Click here for support with immigration issues.

Click here for mental health support for men

Click here for support for men looking the strength and help to stop domestic violence.