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Promoting Cooperative Values

As a school in the Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust we instill in our children the co-operative values. 

Co-operative Values


To persevere when things get tough, to see mistakes as opportunities for new learning, to be resilient and never give up.


To participate fully in all aspects of school life, to be accountable for our actions and take responsibility when things go wrong.


To share our ideas and listen to and take account of the views and needs of others.  To learn that sometimes the needs and wants of the many must come before our own.


To value and respect all others whatever their race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or age.


To treat all others fairly and with due consideration of their individual needs.


To work as part of a team ensuring that the strong support the vulnerable.

Ethical values

To act always with: honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

We teach our children the values of:


Children learn about democracy through PSHE, assemblies and taking part in voting for their representative on the school council.

The rule of law

Children participate in developing rules and norms for their own class and learn why rules are essential in keeping all members of a community safe.

Individual liberty

Children learn that we have freedom of choice but that we are responsible for our actions,  and that we must face the consequences of our actions if they harm others.


Children are taught to respect and value difference and individuality - in tackling discrimination we focus on developing better understanding and compassion.

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