Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs) are a new initiative from the local NHS and Hull City Council. The teams will work through schools and colleges in the city and are designed to add to provision that is already available.

You can find out more information about MHSTs here or watch the introductory video here.

MHSTs will be fully operational

and available in schools and colleges in 2022, but throughout this year the service will be available in a reduced capacity whilst completing a ‘test and learn pilot year’. This means many elements of the service will be in development throughout the year, with a view to continually improve the service until its development is complete in 2022.

To guarantee that the new Mental Health Support Team (MHST) service works for education settings and pupils in Hull, we want to ask you for your opinions on what the service should look like once it is established. We would therefore be very grateful if you could complete our online survey here. This workbook should take no longer than 15 minutes. We hope you will use this opportunity to really help to shape the MHST service.