Day 4

After an exhausting day in Goathland and at the beach we were all very grateful for a lie-in.

We started the day cooking breakfast and getting on with cleaning and tidying before settling down to some craft activities making photo frames, dream catchers and keepsake boxes. Whilst we got on with being creative (and getting very tangled up) Mr Dannatt took groups to prepare their pitta bread pizzas and chocolate bananas to be cooked on fires for lunch.

Setting, lighting and tending the fires was very exciting and took a lot of concentration to make sure that we kept ourselves safe. We worked in our houses each looking after our own fires and once the flames died down we cooked our pizzas then our chocolate bananas on the embers.

We had some down time after clearing up before playing a game of quick cricket with Mr Dannatt. Mrs Craven and her daughter joined us for the afternoon and stayed for tea and Mrs Brown popped in on a errand and stayed for a cup of tea. Our amazing chefs cooked a fantastic chicken dinner followed by jam roly poly and custard (with a little help from Mrs Smith and Mr Dannatt.)

Unfortunately our evening camp fire was rained off so we had the first part of our awards ceremony in the atrium. By this time it was already after 10pm, so we got our waterproofs and warm clothes on and headed out for our midnight walk.

It was already dark as we headed for the Wold's Way. We had to make sure that we didn't shine our torches along the road as it would confuse any cars coming along, but once we were on the track we could use them. It was very spooky walking along the track in the dark, listening to cracking twigs, flapping wings and other strange noises from the trees and bushes around us. We stopped at St Helen's Well and Mrs Mercer to finish off our awards ceremony then told us the story of St Helen, why people hang ribbons on the tree, and what happened to original tree by the spring.

After turning off the track at the footbridge we made our way back to Goodmanham and Paxwold along the road, making sure that we didn't make too much noise and disturb the residents.

It was after midnight when we got back to Paxwold so we had a quick supper of juice and biscuits before getting ready for bed. For those of us sleeping outside this meant dressing up warmly, getting our sleeping bags and survival bags and settling down on ground sheets on the grass. It wasn't long before the sound of snoring was heard from quite a few survival bags. Whilst we slept a little visitor shuffled and snuffled out of the undergrowth to see what was going on - luckily he didn't wake anyone.