Day 3

I think that most if not all of the children would agree that today was the best day yet.

There were a lot of sleepy faces getting on the bus at 7am and quite a few children caught up on sleep on the journey to Pickering but breakfast at the station soon woke everyone up.

The journey on the steam train to Goathland was fun, playing cards, looking at the changing scenery and playing pranks on Ms Oddy.

We had a great time following the trail around Goathland, meeting lots of sheep, learning about the village and comparing it to Hull. The views from the playground were amazing but most time was spent seeing how high we could swing, how fast we could spin and getting stuck in the baby swings!

After lunch and another train journey we finally got to the beach. The sun was shining and although the water was freezing it didn't stop most of the children paddling and splashing in the waves - and of course getting soaked. We flew our kites (not very successfully this year), dug holes and buried our friends in the sand.

It took quite a while to get dry and get the sand out of our toes but at last it was time for tea at the Magpie Cafe. The food was, as always, delicious, and the staff made us all feel very welcome; the children did the school and their families proud with their beautiful manners and the staff commented on their good behaviour as we left.

Everyone was tired out by the time we got back to Paxwold so it was a huge relief to be reminded we can have a lie-in on Thursday.