Year 6 Sleepover

We had a fantastic and exhausting night on Friday. We became spies for the night, explored the school and played hide and seek in the dark, watched Toy Story 3 then finally settled down to sleep (well, most of us... eventually...)

Summer Fair

Massive thanks to our wonderful Friends of St George's who organised this afternoon's Summer Fair. A wonderful time was had by everyone - the sun shone, the playground was full of tigers and butterflies, we had buns, hot dogs, ice-creams and slushies, we beat the goalie and bounced through the afternoon. Many thanks to all the families and friends who came along and helped raise a fantastic £716.15!

Day 5

After very little sleep most of us managed to drag ourselves out of our sleeping bags. Some people had woken up during the night and taken their sleeping bags inside to the dorms but many had slept the whole night outside. It was time to pack and tidy up (not easy after so little sleep) but a breakfast of cereal, croissants, brioche, bread and lots of chocolate spread and jam helped us along. Before we knew it the coach was here and it was time to say goodbye to Paxwold. It was an amazing week - one we will never forget.

Day 4

After an exhausting day in Goathland and at the beach we were all very grateful for a lie-in. We started the day cooking breakfast and getting on with cleaning and tidying before settling down to some craft activities making photo frames, dream catchers and keepsake boxes. Whilst we got on with being creative (and getting very tangled up) Mr Dannatt took groups to prepare their pitta bread pizzas and chocolate bananas to be cooked on fires for lunch. Setting, lighting and tending the fires was very exciting and took a lot of concentration to make sure that we kept ourselves safe. We worked in our houses each looking after our own fires and once the flames died down we cooked our pizzas the

Day 3

I think that most if not all of the children would agree that today was the best day yet. There were a lot of sleepy faces getting on the bus at 7am and quite a few children caught up on sleep on the journey to Pickering but breakfast at the station soon woke everyone up. The journey on the steam train to Goathland was fun, playing cards, looking at the changing scenery and playing pranks on Ms Oddy. We had a great time following the trail around Goathland, meeting lots of sheep, learning about the village and comparing it to Hull. The views from the playground were amazing but most time was spent seeing how high we could swing, how fast we could spin and getting stuck in the baby swings! A

Day 2

It has been a long and very eventful day. After breakfast we wrote our postcards before heading off on a walk along the Wolds Way to Market Weighton. Along the way we passed St Helen’s Well, were serenaded by a field of cows and played hide and seek with a dog who was out for a run with his owner. When we got to Market Weighton we cooked our lunch on trangiers (mini camping stoves) before heading to the park to play, have a game of football or chill by the stream. We walked back to Paxwold just in time to avoid the heavy rain. Once back at Paxwold we had a quick drink and snack then made our kites ready to fly on the beach at Whitby. Then it was all the usual jobs, cooking, cleaning, tidying

Day 1

It’s been a fantastic day. We were worried we were never going to get to Paxwold when the bus was late... and then we were’nt sure the driver would be able to reach the pedals! After unpacking we had lunch outside, made signs for our beds then went on a trail around Goodmanham. We refuelled with a drink and some fruit then it was time to chill in the sun playing football, making friendship bands or just chatting. We had a delicious tea cooked by Honesty before getting stuck into the final activity of the day - Mrs Mercer's famous "jelly bean challenge."


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