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Welcome to the St George's home learning page. Although we are still working on getting it all up and running you will find some useful websites here - just click on the buttons below. If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas please share your comments in the box at the bottom of the page. In the meantime enjoy your learning packs - have fun, take care and stay well.

Remote Learning Statement

Lockdown Rap

All these people are in pain and we've only got 1 life,

This just feels like a WW3 but we can make a sacrifice,

Now we all need to stand up and get off our device,

Just use your eyes and just clap for the NHS and make yourself helpful,

Don't go to the chemist, don't go to the doctors,

Just stay at home and that will help us,

We are hip hop artists we are the Beats Bus

Good luck Covid 19 you can't defeat us.

Olly Wilson, Year 5    

Happy St George's Day!
To celebrate St George's Day here are some challenges for you to have a go at:
1. Make your own flag using collage - you could use anything red white, think about materials that could be upcycled.
2. Design a shield for your house - there are lots of ways
you could do this, you could draw, paint, collage, use a
tablet or computer, bake, sew...
3. Create a comic strip telling the story of St George
and the Dragon.
4. Design your own dragon, remember to give them
special powers - will they use their powers for good or
5. Create a wanted poster for the dragon.
6. Re-tell the story of St George and the Dragon in the modern day.  Where would it be set? What would you have instead of a dragon? What would George be? Think of the different kind of heros we have nowadays.
7. Write a newspaper article reporting on the events surrounding the slaying of the dragon.
8.Retell the story from the princess's point of view.
8. Or come up with your own idea.
Please share your St George's pictures with your teachers and we will post them here.  We can't wait to see them.

Click on the image for the story of St George and the Dragon.

Why is it easy to work out a dragon's weight?

They come with scales!

Virtual Easter Bonnet Parade
Easter just wouldn't be Easter without the traditional Easter Bonnet Parade - so this year we are holding a virtual Easter Bonnet Parade,  Use whatever you have to hand and your imagination - be creative, be funny, be fabulous.  Then send you pictures in to
If you would rather decorate an egg that's great, just send your pictures in and we'll put them up.
Have fun!
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Harry Suttons decorated egg!
Harry Suttons decorated egg!


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Joke of the day

Why is it easy to work out a dragon's weight?

They come with scales!

Word of the day


not permanent, not lasting