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Welcome to Reception's home learning page where you'll find links to learning and useful websites as well as activities to keep you busy and curious in the days ahead.

Keep in touch with Mrs Broom by emailing  Send pictures of what you've been doing and we'll post them on this page.

Reception Learning challenges for the week beginning 13.7.20

Click onto the weekly timetable to view the plan for the week with a wealth of activities and links to support your child's learning.  Additional links to enhance the work in the timetable are added below  Remember that children of 4 and 5 need to learn through play and won't be able to sit at a table and concentrate for more than 5 or 10 minutes - so keep it stress free and have fun!

Some of the activities below need printing but don't worry if you can't do that, have a go at creating your own pictures, models and designs.

We would love to see what you are doing please share your pictures with us and we will post them on this page.









What have you been up to?

We love to see all the fantastic things that you've been doing at home.  It certainly looks like Daisy, Daria, Melanie, Ruby, Edi, Noah and Lilly have been very busy learning and having lots of fun.

Send your pictures to Mrs Broom and we'll post them here on this page.

In the meantime keep learning, have lots of fun and stay curious.

Stay well and be kind to each other.

Learning about the world
Have you ever wondered if animals can laugh?  Click on
the picture to
watch a video and
see what you think. 
Being creative
Make your own playdough using simple
ingredients.  Click on
the picture to follow 
the recipe. Keep it 
covered and cool when
you're not playing with it.

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