Precautions in the last week of term


The rate of spread of Delta variant infections over the last week is giving us all cause for concern.


In all schools we are likely to face further bubble closures in the week ahead and we so there is a high chance that some families and staff will need to self-isolate during the first week of the summer break.


I have just met with the Exec Team and the Chair, Claire Wood, and agreed that the vast majority of bubble closures over time have been due to children bringing the virus into school.  Bubble closures, whilst increasingly unpopular, have been effective in limiting the spread of the virus within the school community.


In order to give the greatest consideration to those colleagues with whom we work we would like to restate that we should all behave as if we are a transmitter of the virus and continue to rigorously follow the risk assessments that have served us so well thus far.


To ensure that face-to-face contact is at an absolute minimum.  All staff must strictly adhere to the following guidelines;


  1. Only hold face-to-face meetings where a remote meeting is absolutely necessary and impossible to hold remotely.

  2. Where face-to-face meetings are the only option, meetings should be in the smallest group size possible and held in a good sized, well ventilated space where social distancing rules can be followed.  Outdoor spaces are ideal.

  3. Wear face masks in all indoor meetings.

  4. Cancel visits from external visitors and switch to remote meetings wherever possible - this includes meetings with parents and Trustees / Governors.

  5. Do not attend meetings outside school in person but only remotely.  If attendance elsewhere is absolutely unavoidable, staff are to insist that hosts provide for safe social distancing, adequate ventilation and allow the wearing of face masks.

  6. Central team staff are to be based at the Pavilion or in 1 school only next week, or to work from home if they would prefer.


We would encourage all staff to continue to carry out LFT testing and will understand if staff want to increase the frequency of this during the last week of term.


As far as is possible we would urge all staff to consider following such guidelines outside of working hours, again in order to minimise the possible spread of COVID in school to work colleagues and to maximise the possibility of not having to self-isolate during the start of the summer break.