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Catch-Up Premium

Catch Up Funding Plan

Total amount of catch up funding received £16,947


Following the first COVID-19 lockdown and closure of schools in 2020 schools were awarded catch up funding to provide additional support for children on their return to school.

Spending plan:

  1. Investment in 60 additional Chromebooks

    • Increase capacity for online learning in school and at home.

    • Increase access for all children to online learning programmes to support acceleration of learning, specifically LEXIA, Mathletics and TTRockstars.

    • To invest in provision that will support learning in the short and longer term.

    • Continued development of use of Google Classroom to support learning.

  2. Renew LEXIA license​

    • Extend LEXIA provision to all children needing additional support with phonics, spelling and reading.​

  3. Reading Recovery 

    • Provide high quality support for struggling readers in KS1​

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