Parent /Carer Questionnaire July 2015

Many thanks to all  the parents who responded to our learning and school trips Parent/Carer questionnaire - we had a total of 71 responses.

We read and take note of all your comments and every parent who has expressed a concern has been contacted by Mrs Holiday to discuss your concerns and look at possible ways we can improve our provision.

Congratulations to Charli's mum who won the £10 Asda voucher.

Results of the survey are below and on the next page.

My child is making good progress

My child is well taught at school

My child receives appropriate homework for their age

I receive valuable information about my child's progress

I am happy for my child to walk into town with their class throughout the year

I am happy for my child to walk into town with their class except in the winter months (December, January, February)

I would be happy to contribute towards transport costs to avoid my child walking into town during the winter months (approx £3 per child per trip)

I feel that holding sports day at Costello Stadium provides a valuable experience for children allowing them access to the running track, sand pits and field. 

My child enjoys school

My child is well looked after in school

My child feels safe in school

The school deals effectively with bullying

I know who to speak to if I have a concern

The school listens to my concerns and responds to them