Pupil Premium Plan for 2015/16

The Pupil Premium is funding designed to support schools in ensuring that children whose circumstances may put them at a disadvantage academically are given every opportunity to succeed and fulfil their potential.  The funding is allocated to schools based on the following criteria:

  • The number of children who receive Free School Meals currently or who have received Free School Meals at any time in the last 6 years.
  • The number of children who are Looked After by the Local Authority.
  • The number of children who have a parent in the services.

This year our school will receive £143,563 pupil premium funding. The funding is spent in a variety of ways but with the single objective of supporting children's learning and ensuring that those children who are in receipt of pupil premium are not at any disadvantage academically. We take a holistic approach to supporting children and as such investment is put not only into academic support but emotional well-being support, learning outside the classroom and health initiatives.

The funding will be used in the following ways:

  • Providing additional TA support to ensure that groups at a potential disadvantage have adequate support in lessons and appropriate interventions to ensure that they make good progress in reading, writing and maths.
  • Funding for an ECaR teacher to boost progress and attainment in early reading giving children a strong start to their academic career.  
  • Funding for 1:1 tuition to ensure that children in Year 6 achieve a good or better than good level of progress. 
  • Funding for an emotional well being worker who supports children and families in crisis ensuring that children are ready to learn when they enter the classroom. 
  • Funding for the attendance officer and emotional well being worker to follow up on absences and support families where there are attendance issues.
  • Providing training particularly in writing for TA's to ensure that support and intervention is of the highest quality.
  • Providing high quality up to date learing resources that promote and support learning.
  • Training for TAs in Numicon intervention, FFT and inference training for reading.
  • Participation in the National Literacy Trusts Early Words Together project.
  • Investment in resources to support the teaching of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Training for teachers in delivery of effective spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Training for all staff in the use of models in maths.

  • Subsidising school trips to maximise the potential for learning outside the classroom.
  • Subsidising Teeth Team SSA which provides tooth brushes and tooth paste for children to brush their teeth after lunch, dental check-ups and fluoride varnishing.

File icon: pdf Pupil Premium spending analysis 2014 - 2015 [pdf 237KB] Click to download
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