Summer 2016 Topic Question:

'Which Year 6 topic lesson would I like to teach?'

This topic will begin by covering any areas we still have left to cover before the Year 6's choose which lesson they would like to teach. They will plan, resource, teach and evaluate their own lesson for their peers. 

Spring 2016 Topic Question:

'Which period of history would I like to travel back to?'

We began by looking at the Vikings, understanding where they came from and why they invaded Britain. Whilst looking at how Vikings travelled the Year 6’s planned, created and evaluated their own model long ships. This progressed onto looking at the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor. Throughout this topic children put some of their computing skills into practice by researching information and creating informative powerpoints to share with the class. A range of topic homework showed how much so many of the children and families enjoyed this topic question.


Year 6 visited the Hull Royal Infirmary as part of the Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools (IMPS) where they learnt emergency first aid, basic life support, were given a tour of part of the hospital before being given a finger cast. This visit enhanced work on accident prevention which had been carried out in class.

Autumn 2015 Topic Question:

'Which World Record am I most inspired by?'

To answer this question we begun by looking at what ‘inspired’ meant. This then moved on to us discovering World Records which were associated with Hull before then using the internet to research records from around the world. After that we located these countries on a map using an atlas. This led on to work about landscapes, with a focus on mountains. Work on human and physical features then followed, including work comparing Britain to a country in South America.


Within art and design we examined work by record breaking artist Georgia O’Keeffe, famous for close up paintings of flowers that went off the canvas. This allowed everyone to experiment with pencil, pastels, chalk and paint.  Year 6 also enjoyed a trip to Hull New Theatre to watch ‘Horrible Histories Incredible Invaders’ not only was this extremely enjoyable but also extremely informative.  As the topic came to an end Year 6 examined record breaking buildings and after some research they designed their own record breaking buildings before sharing their great topic homework projects.