Our Topics!

Children and adults at St. George's really enjoy our topic curriculum. Teachers work hard to make the curriculum enjoyable and children are always encouraged to do their personal best. We achieve this through putting our children at the heart of our planning. The Topic ideas always come from them and their interests and what gets them excited is at the centre of our planning.

Autumn Term:

What would I find in the Oceans?

In the Autumn term we will be finding out about the worlds oceans. From Hull’s own fishing heritage to the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. We will be exploring what is in the world’s 5 oceans.


We will be answering the children’s questions including:

How did the Titanic sink?

Do sharks sleep or do they stay awake?

Are sea creatures nocturnal?

What is a tsunami?

Who was the first diver?

Are there any caves in the ocean?