If I were an astronaut, what would I find in space?

This term the children wanted to learn about space and have chosen the topic question 'If I were an astronaut, what would I find in space?'

Within this topic the children will be learning about:

- The Solar System 

- Historical figures connected with space and flying such as Neil Armstrong and Amy Johnson.

- Map work

- We will be linking our English with our topic by writing a story about a child who meets an alien. We will also be writing non-chronological reports about our own made-up alien!

- We will be teaching an alien about healthy lifestyles and the basic needs of humans.

?Just before half term we will be setting a topic homework project for parents and children to enjoy doing together!

Stay tuned to hear about our Christmas enterprise project!

Where could the sea take us?

This term the children have decided to learn about the sea and its surroundings. They will learning about the different oceans and which continents they are closest to.


As part of our topic we will be studying a non-European country and developing our map reading skills. The children have expressed a particular interest in learning about an African country so we have chosen to learn about Kenya. They will learn about climate, population, housing and lots more! As part of our Design and Technology project the children will be making African prints and masks.


The children have also shown a keen interest in pirates so we will be learning about a famous pirate or two!


In science we will be looking at materials and their properties and focussing on our experimenting skills.



How can I grow to be healthy?

Over the summer term the children have asked to learn about plants and growing.


The children in Year 2 love science and will have lots of opportunities to explore plants with hands on experiences and experiments! 

We will be:

- Growing cress and learning about what plants need to survive

- Growing our own sweet peas and observing their journey from seedling to flower

- Growing potatoes as part of a city wide competition!


As well as learning about plants we will also be learning about healthy life styles and what the children can do to stay healthy.

The children will have chance to try a variety of weird and wonderful fruits and use their data handling skills to record a range of findings. Our English work will also be linked to healthy living as the children will be Imitating the Pie Corbett WAGOLL 'The Papaya that spoke'. We may even try some papaya too!

In the second half of the summer term there will be chance for the children to explore the history of the olympics and get to learn about the olympic stars of 2016 and the sporting activities that will be taking place!